Chalk Talk – Episode 19 – Jump Into Plyos

Chalk Talk EP19 - Plyometrics

Chalk Talk – Episode 19 – Jump Into Plyos 

Everyone high school athlete wants to have the biggest and best vertical. Plyometrics are the only way to work on that right? Coach Breslin and Coach Reno JUMP in on the plyo discussion and talk about what a well-rounded strength and conditioning program can do for an athlete’s jumping.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Plyometrics Defined
  • Jump Training: What is Plyometrics? (0:40-6:53)
  • All the Different Types of Plyos (6:53-10:14)
  • Examples of Plyos in Programming (10:14-14:50)
Part 2: Plyo FAQ
  • What about a Plyo only Program? (15:24-22:54)
  • What about “Upper Body Plyos?” (22:54-25:07)
  • What about adding in “Resistance Bands?” (25:07-30:40)
  • Moving Through Space (30:40-33:24)
  • What about Plyo Boxes? (34:00-42:00)
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