# 99 – Remote To Hybrid feat. Molly Collins

Chalk Talk – Episode # 99 – Remote To Hybrid feat. Molly Collins

PE teacher Molly Collins has taken the lessons and best practices from remote learning and brought them into her hybrid teaching. Molly talks about the challenges and struggles remote PE presented and how she is getting creative with her students this school year.

Time Stamps:

  • Remote Only (1:00)
  • Mental, Emotional, and Nutrition. A new focus on different aspects of health and wellness. (2:30)
  • The Struggles Of Remote (4:45)
  • Leaderboards & Competition – Weekly Challenges (7:00)
  • Back To School – Lessons Learned (10:00)
  • Benefits of Routine (11:00)
  • Keeping it clean! Protocol and Practices (13:00)
  • Giving Feedback In Person (16:00)
  • Back To Basics (18:00)

Check out the article Females Students Overcoming Barriers In Weight Training recently written by Molly Collins!

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