# 98 – Toning vs Bulking – Myths and Misconceptions

Chalk Talk – Episode# 98 – Toning vs Bulking – Myths and Misconceptions

Bodybuilders have long used ‘lightweight, high reps sets’ before a competition. So how has the toning and bulking myth spiraled into the discussion it is today?

I want to bulk up! I want to be toned! Everyone wants something when it comes to their training, but we all need to look at the science behind what it means to both tone or bulk.

Time Stamps:

  • Toning – Low Weight, High Rep of Certain Exercises (1:30)
  • Origins of the Toning Myth – Bodybuilding (2:30)
  • What is Muscle Tone? (4:30)
  • Lengthening Muscles – Lean Muscles. Fact check! (7:00)
  • Rep Ranges (9:00)
  • Anywork, if hard, will increase hypertrophy (12:00)
  • What about intentional goal of toning or bulking? (15:30)
  • Determine your goals – aesthetics is okay, but find science back ways, not top google search (17:30)
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