# 66 – Distance Learning in PE feat. Brian DeCarli

Chalk Talk – Episode 66 – Distance Learning in PE feat. Brian DeCarli 

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“I don’t think there is anything more relevant right now than physical activity and wellness.” Brian DeCarli at San Benito High School in CA sees distance learning as a great opportunity for PE as a subject because of just how important it is for the wellness of students on a daily basis.

Time Stamps: 
  • Introduction To Brian DeCarli – PE Teacher at San Benito High School (1:00)
  • What Is Distance Learning Going To Look Like? (3:30)
  • Keeping it Fun, Engaging, and Simple (6:50)
  • Google Classroom and PLT4M (8:15)
  • Simple – When Are We Ever Going To Use This Again? (10:15)
  • What The First Week Looked like (13:00)
  • Hank The Haybaler Helping Out (14:45)
  • Groundswell – This Is Brand New To Everyone (17:00)
  • Major Takeaways – Simple, Fun, Engaging (20:00)
  • Getting Others Involved – School Board and Admins On PLT4M As “Students” (22:00)
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