# 109 – The Rotational Athlete feat. Matt June


CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 109 – The Rotational Athlete feat. Matt June

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We can all picture different rotational aspects of athletics. Whether we have athletes swinging, throwing, even sprinting, they are rotating. So do we need to train rotation specifically, and if so, how?  Matt June, CSCS, has spent a good amount of his career coaching baseball, golf, and softball athletes. Matt defines the kinematic sequence, highlights rotational elements of sports, and then breaks down the practical application of training rotation in high school athletes. 

Matt June’s Credentials & Experience: 

  • M.S. Exercise Science SUNY Cortland
  • B.S. Kinesiology – Fitness Development SUNY Cortland
  • CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 
  • CES – Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • TPI Level 1 Coach 
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Premier Golf and Fitness 
  • Program Director / Head Performance Coach – Athletes Warehouse 
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – College of Saint Rose
  • Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach – Hudson Valley Community College
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach – SUNY Cortland
  • Assistant Baseball Coach – SUNY Cortland

Time Stamps

  • Meet Matt June (1:00)
  • Defining The Planes Of Motion – Sagittal, Frontal, & Transverse (3:30)
  • The Kinematic Sequence – Energy Up The Chain (4:30)
  • Who is a Rotational Athlete? (6:00)
  • Everyone Rotates – Giving Some Examples (9:00)
  • Considering The High School Perspective – Developing The Total Athlete (11:00)
  • Some Basic Evaluation Tools (13:30)
  • Realizing When Something Is Off (16:00)
  • Foundational Movements & Application To Rotation (18:00)
  • Building Up Progressions – Jump Examples (22:30)
  • Designed To Rotate – But To Rotate All The Time (25:20)
  • The Basics Matter – Making It Fun (28:00)
  • The Deceleration Example (30:00)

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