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PLT4M offers a complete approach to fitness education and athletic performance training, built exclusively for high schools.

Our Philosophy

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We’re Here to HELP: Our Fitness Mission

The honest motivation behind PLT4M’s solution is one of empowerment. We seek to offer our complete support to any who need it, in any way we possibly can. Follow our curriculum to a T, or pick and choose what works best for you!

Our content is open source, making us a partner to all of our participating coaches, teachers, and student-athletes. We hope to create a collaborative online community of educators and athletes. Our end-goal is to improve the lives of all of our members.

PLT4M Programs

Our Process

PLT4M is a curriculum built around progression and planning. We believe in setting common foundations, progressing students through a holistic education into specific fitness tracks that allow them to realize their fullest potential, all while recognizing that no two individuals are the same.



Every single student begins with a comprehensive education of the “basics”. Everyone learns proper movement mechanics, develops a foundational work capacity, and builds a baseline level of total body strength. All the while, each and every student cultivates a strong sense of self-awareness that motivates and directs training throughout their career and into life beyond high school.



After setting the foundation, we allow students to classify their training. Are they actively looking to improve performance within a given sport? Or are they simply looking to be the best version of themselves and live a long, healthy life? Depending on either motivation, we further classify by personal schedules and taste. Is the athlete in season? Does the student wish to focus on strength or capacity? There is something for everyone.



Throughout it all, we personalize for every student. Within each and every set, movement, day, program – we build in the flexibility of scaling, modification, and substitution. Athletes will know how and when to adjust any workout or any given set to best suit their abilities.

PLT4M Programs

We have 4 different “levels” of programs. These levels have specific goals and aims that define which programs belong where. This gives our user insight into which programs are right for which kids based on their experience with training.

L4 – Advanced Programs

L3 – Training Programs

L2 – Developmental Programs

L1 – Introductory Movement & Capacity Programs

meet the team

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer Director of Performance, CSCS, CF-L1
Sam Breslin Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer Director of Performance, CSCS, CF-L1

The original mind behind our training philosophy and programming. Former D-1 athlete, former Wellness teacher and current High School Coach.

Head Performance Coach
Max Isaak Head Performance Coach

PLT4M’s bearded wonder & master coach. In charge of all things teaching.

Customer Success Specialist, Performance Coach, CSCS
Colin Reno Customer Success Specialist, Performance Coach, CSCS

A former 2 sport athlete at Syracuse University, Colin brings extensive experience as a strength coach to the team, with stints at the Division 1 and 3 level, and the Israeli National Lacrosse team. He serves as our Performance Consultant for all PLT4M customers.

Performance Coach, CFL2
Geoff Leard Performance Coach, CFL2

The consummate competitor. Leads the way in all things competition and mental toughness.

Demo Athlete, Performance Coach, USAW
Greg Hadley Demo Athlete, Performance Coach, USAW

Ever the coach. Greg spends every day building better athletes on and off the field.

Performance Coach, CFL2
Sean Tully Performance Coach, CFL2

Big Sean Tully was a former Tennis Standout at Marist, and is the staff mobility expert.

Speed and Agility Specialist
Terrance Turner Speed and Agility Specialist

An All-Big-Ten wide receiver at Indiana University, Terrance went on to play in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, and later coach at the D1 and D3 levels of the NCAA. Terrance now currently owns and operates his athlete performance training business, Turner Sports Training.

Performance Coach, CFL1
Casey Bennett Performance Coach, CFL1

Former gymnast turned CrossFit athlete and coach... the enforcer of proper technique and mechanics.

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