We exist to empower educators through the integration of technology and fitness education

PLT4M Team

who we are

Above all else, the PLT4M team are high school coaches, too. We are on the sidelines in the fall and behind the bench in the winter. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges that educators face when trying to train and work with athletes.

Everything we do, every feature we build, every program we release is done with the intention of making the lives of our educators and athletes better.

our story

Co-Founders, Sam Breslin and Alex Relph, met in Hamilton, NY while playing football at Colgate University. It was there, amidst the grind of Division 1 athletics that they both developed an intense passion for competition, coaching, and fitness.

After graduation, they both took that passion overseas to play and coach professionally before finally hanging up the cleats. Teammates, roommates, and friends, it is no surprise that when sports ended, they both found themselves drawn to careers in fitness, education and coaching.

During their time as educators and coaches at the high school level, they became frustrated with the resources available to provide their students and athletes with the same quality of training they had received at Colgate. They knew there was a way to improve the fitness landscape at the high school level, saving teachers and coaches precious time, while also creating a better training experience for students and athletes.

During a phone conversation in 2012, the two decided to tackle the issue themselves and PLT4M was born.

Ever since it’s inception, PLT4M has constantly evolved to best serve high school coaches, teachers, students and athletes across the country – because it was started by two of those very people.

PLT4M cares deeply about our mission and users, it was never about making money, it was about helping people like us!

our values


Be Better

We believe in the cumulative impact of small improvements made each day. We aim to help educators, students, and athletes achieve success through the pursuit of better, each and every day.


Fundamentals Matter

We’re committed to movement and form. Proper technique before weight, always.


Be a Total Athlete

We don’t believe in specialization. Our philosophy lies not in sport-specific training, but rather, total athletic development.


Partnership is Key

We are an extension of your team—and we are here to help. We want you to be successful. Call, email, or text any of the team, anytime.


Fit for Life

No athlete should graduate from High School without a foundational fitness education. Set your students up for success in the long-term.

Meet the team

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, MBA
Alex Relph Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, MBA

The man behind the business, Alex is in charge of keeping this train on track. Former D-1 Quarterback, former D-1 college coach, and current high school coach.

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer Director of Performance, CSCS, CF-L1
Sam Breslin Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer Director of Performance, CSCS, CF-L1

The original mind behind our training philosophy and programming. Former D-1 athlete, former Wellness teacher and current High School Coach.

Chief Growth Officer
Ian Bonner Chief Growth Officer

Former college football player and current high school coach, Ian is the guy who helps get you up and running with the PLT4M team.

Director of Customer Success
Jackie Wogan Director of Customer Success

Former high school athlete, now avid Crossfitter at Tilt – moves as well in the gym as anyone we know. Jackie ensures the long term success of our PLT4M users.

Director of School Partnerships
Doug Curtin Director of School Partnerships

Two-Year Captain of Trinity College Swim and current swim coach, Doug works with schools to help them understand the various ways PLT4M can be used to integrate or improve a fitness curriculum.

School Engagement Specialist, MBA
Kevin Barry School Engagement Specialist, MBA

Three-year Captain of the Sacred Heart University football team, Kevin works with schools to highlight how PLT4M can boost engagement in fitness and performance training.

School Engagement Specialist
Sam Cleveland School Engagement Specialist

Former All-League lacrosse player at Colgate University, Sam helps develop partnerships between PLT4M and fitness educators nationwide.


Former college basketball player at Endicott College and current basketball trainer. Drew helps develop partnerships with educators and teachers nationwide.

Head Performance Coach
Max Isaak Head Performance Coach

PLT4M’s bearded wonder & master coach. In charge of all things teaching.

Office Ninja, CF-L1 & L2
Lindsay MacDonald Office Ninja, CF-L1 & L2

A former Rugby standout at Union College, Lindsay keeps things running at the PLT4M headquarters.


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