FIT101: Introduction to Fitness

Quick Look

  • 30 Workouts over 6 Weeks
  • 3 “Training” Days per Week
  • 2 Guided Mobility Session per Week

Testing & Tracking

Culminates in a final “assessment” of:

  • 1 Mile Run (Aerobic capacity)
  • Push Up / Pull Up / Air Squat (Strength Capacity)
  • Squat Therapy (Mobility)
  • 2 Min Burpee Test (Anaerobic Capacity)
  • Plank Hold (Stability)
  • PLT4M MetCon (Overall Fitness)


An introduction to all things movement and fitness! The aim of this program is to provide each and every student a foundation upon which they can develop their personal fitness or performance training moving forward. We seek to cement proper mechanics through all of the fundamental human movements, begin to develop relative strength & mobility while also introducing the concept of capacity.


Each training day begins with a guided warm up, followed by movement education and technique work. Then, a workout is prescribed and explained in detail (for groups & individuals) that reinforces the major education points of the day, while introducing elements of capacity and intensity.


  1. No formal requirements, open to all students!
    1. Program is best performed in an instructor-led, class setting. Not “on their own”.
    2. Athletes can and should review videos and materials prior to or after class, but teacher should lead without the devices in each student’s hand.


Everyone! Grades 6-12. Anyone looking to get into fitness should begin with this fundamental program. Long term results come from setting a good foundation!

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