Emily Plucker


  • Canton Middle & High School | South Dakota
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach, CF-L1
  • Working towards CSCS

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Emily builds strong, happy, healthy athletes and believes fitness should not be a chore, but something fun and rewarding. The goal for Emily is to keep kids coming back for more (and not scaring them off with her love of Lady Gaga). 


I knew I would need help in the weight room as more and more students started walking in the weight room door. I anticipated 100 kids in my summer program and ended up with 174! I couldn’t keep up with their lifting numbers and to me if you are lifting without your numbers, you are lifting blind! PLT4M was the perfect solution to my problem. The programs are excellent and the videos provide the resource I need for students when the weight room is busy. The students love it and so do I!


Sometimes students just need some guidance. Someone who will help, listen and care. I care. I care a lot. If I can teach these kids how to take care of their bodies, they will feel better both physically and mentally. Life is hard. I want to make it easier for them. This is the most rewarding job in the world!


“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” -Tim Notke



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Last week of summer! For real. So what comes next with your lifting? • • In-Season Athletes (Football, Volleyball, Cross Country). You will start a 2 day in-season lifting program the week of August 19th. The lifting program has been scheduled for you and will pop up on your PLT4M app the week of the 19th. Along with the 2 days of lifting, there is an Active Recovery Workout and a Pre/Post Game Mobility session. You can do the recovery and mobility sessions on your own. The lifting sessions will take place during your scheduled morning lift times. Lifts will also be posted to the board if you don't want to use your phone however I would encourage you to use the app to hold you accountable with your weights. PLT4M makes it super simple. • • Off-Season Athletes. You can join the High School Out of Season Athletes group on PLT4M. Several lifting programs will be available to you including a 3 Day Off Season Program, 4 Day Off Season Program and Total Athlete. Those that didn't participate in the summer program and who are not as familiar with lifts can start with the introductory programs. I will also have conditioning workouts available. There will be open lifting every day after school. • • I can't wait to watch you compete this fall! You worked hard over the summer and it should show on the field, court and course! • • Congratulations! Coach Plucker @emilyplucker @plt4m

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