From PE Teachers, For PE Teachers

From PE Teachers, For PE Teachers

The last few months have been nothing short of crazy! With so much going on and so much to figure out, we are beyond lucky to have Physical Education teachers sharing their ideas, plans, and practices to help start conversations for fellow teachers. (Or to even help make the case to administrations, parents, or community members.)
Check out some of our best and featured PE teacher content, written by PE teachers from all across the country.

4 P’s For PE in 2020

Christi Meyer breaks down her 4 P’s for PE with PLT4M. – Plan, Process, Progression and Personalization. Check out the full article!

Making The Case For Technology – Athletics & PE

John Martin wanted to make an investment in technology for his Athletic and PE program and made the case with these 3 simple tips!

Lifetime Fitness Approach – Before & During Covid

Mark Sharpley has always had the goal of empowering his students for a lifetime of fitness. Before and during Covid he was still able to do that with PLT4M!


Molly Collins presents on her ‘three P’s’ that have guided her life and teaching. She breaks down strategies for at home or in class learning.

Want to take a closer look at how over 1,000 schools are using PLT4M to take on the 2020 school year?

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