# 90 – Sleep – Why, What, & How?

Chalk Talk – Episode # 90 – Sleep – Why, What, & How?

1/3 of our life is spent sleeping! So why do most of us make it an afterthought? Quality sleep has countless benefits! To get quality sleep, we have to go past just ‘being in bed’ for 8 hours or more, and instead take steps to making sure we have a good night’s sleep. Coach Bres and Doug discuss the why, what, and how of sleep!

Time Stamps:

  • Sleep – One of the three pillars to recovery (1:00)
  • General time ranges of sleep (5:00)
  • Stages of Sleep – Light, Slow Wave, REM, Wake (11:00)
  • Sleep Debt (18:00)
  • What happens when you sleep? (23:00)
  • Health Benefits of sleep (28:00)
  • Circadian Rhythm (32:00)
  • Academics and Mental Health (37:00)
  • What happens when you DON’T get enough sleep? (41:00)
  • Screen time (46:00)
  • Sleep habits – back to the circadian rhythm (51:00)
  • Small Steps to getting better sleep (54:00)
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