# 73 – The Core – The When, Why, & How To Train

Chalk Talk – Episode 73 – The Core – The When, Why, & How To Train

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When people want a stronger core, should they just go do sit ups and crunches?

Coach Bres talks about how the core is much more than the ‘abs’ that many strive to obtain in their daily life and training.

Time Stamps: 
  • What is the core? What muscles or body parts are we even talking about? (1:00)
  • Talking about the midline, trunk, core as a total group (6:00)
  • Not Just ‘Abs’ – Understanding goals past just visual (8:45)
  • Stability vs Movement (14:00)
  • Bracing – why the core has so much more power than we think (25:00)
  • Proof versus Eye Test (29:00)
  • Core Endurance, Strength, and Stability (34:00)
  • Core Power (40:00)
  • Circling It On The Program Map (44:00)
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