3 E’s To Physical Education (Webinar)

3 E’s To Physical Education (Webinar)

Whether we are remote or returning to school, we can use 3 E’s to promote a rigorous Physical Education program. 1) Excite 2) Engage 3) Empower.

Join Doug Curtin as he defines and discusses ways that PE teachers are working to excite, engage, and empower PE students and how it is helping to build a lifelong foundation of fitness. During the webinar, Doug will highlight schools in action, resources to help with the 3 E’s, and open up a larger discussion around the goals of PE this year.



3 E’s For Education by Doug Curtin

Want to see in more detail how over 1000 schools are using PLT4M in school and remote?
Presenter – Doug Curtin – Director Of Content
Doug Curtin, Swim Coach

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