ATH401: Total Athlete

Quick Look

  • 50 Workouts over 10 Weeks
  • 3 Weight Training Days per Week
  • 1 Pillar Workout (Team Training)
  • 1 Guided Active Recovery Session per Week

Testing & Tracking


  • Continual Tracking of…
    • Back Squat
    • Bench Press
    • “Clean”
  • New Assessment of…
    • Hang Clean
    • Full Clean
    • Front Squat
    • Deadlift
    • Push Press


  • 1 Mile Run (Aerobic Capacity)
  • Double Under Test (Skill)
  • Strict Push Up/Pull Up (Strict Strength Capacity)
  • 2 Min Burpee (Anaerobic Conditioning)
  • Squat Therapy (Mobility)
  • Push Up Plank Hold (Stability)


Building complete athletes, day in and day out. This 10-week program employs a very complex conjugate approach to developing Power, Control, & Capacity – the 3 key elements of competitive athleticism.

Power is grown through raw strength development (the powerlifts) and rate of force production work (olympic lifts, plyos, speed, agility). Control is developed through stability, mobility, and skill practice. Capacity is layered on through volume accessory strength, classical conditioning, and MetCons. We also seek to bring teams together with our weekly Pillar workouts. Competitive team-based training that builds better athletes and a winning team culture.


Each and every single day is painstakingly laid out and explained in complete detail. We brief every workout, then guide athletes through a full warm up that includes mobility, injury prevention, technique, and movement prep. From here, the workouts are completely personalized. Each movement is precisely explained, with prescribed weights tied to individual metrics with suggested scaling/modification procedures based on intended stimulus. Our coaches are there with you, from start to finish.


Program is suggested for athletes and teams that have significant experience training within the PLT4M system. Should be self-motivated, willing to prepare for each lift prior to showing up, and have a healthy awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses for proper scaling and modification. Athletes should already have relevant “maxes” of necessary lifts and should not be completely “un-trained” (no workouts in previous 2+ months).


Athletes, grades 10-12 who already have a complete fundamental fitness education and wish to truly dedicate themselves to self-improvement through a sophisticated and demanding training program.


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