ATH312: Speed, Agility; Conditioning

Quick Look

  • 48 Sessions over 12 Weeks
  • 4 Complete Sessions per Week
  • Followed “By Day” or “Buffet-Style”

Testing & Tracking

  • 1 Mile Run (Aerobic Capacity)
  • 300 Yd Shuttle (Anaerobic Capacity)
  • 40-Yard Dash (Speed)
  • Broad Jump (Power)
  • 5-10-5 (Agility)


Designed to develop an athlete’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity while increasing overall speed and agility by teaching them the fundamentals of acceleration & deceleration, change of direction, and efficient movement mechanics.


Each week is broken up into 4 complete sessions – each with 2 distinct elements as well as warm up and cool down. Elements and sessions may be mixed and matched at will. This way, the program can fit any schedule or need. Those sessions cover the following: Mechanics, Stability, Power, Footwork, Linear and Lateral Speed & Agility, Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning.


Suggested only for athletes who have had a full education of both movement and basic training.


Athletes, grades 6-12 who already have a fundamental fitness education and wish to prepare for a sport season by learning the basics of athletic movement. They should not be actively engaged in a competitive athletic season.


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