ATH311A: In-Season Weight Training

Quick Look

  • 40 Workouts over 10 Weeks
  • 2 Weight Training Days per Week
  • 1 Active Recovery Workout per Week
  • 1 Pre/Post-Game Mobility Session per Week

Testing & Tracking


Continual Tracking of…

  • Back Squat
  • Bench Press
  • “Clean”


This program is designed for athletes engaged in a competitive athletic season. Our focus, here, is on maintenance – allowing the athlete to remain as close to peak performance as possible for the duration of a season. We aim to keep as much of our hard-earned gains from the off-season as possible, while also keeping the body healthy and resistant to injury during the rigors of competition.


Each weight training day contains a workout brief and guided warm up. Then, we work peak power output and strength maintenance through our core barbell lifts. We supplement with strength capacity (unilateral work, push/pull, etc) across numerous movement planes, and targeted injury prevention work.

The active recovery session is a low-intensity (lightweight) workout designed to spur recovery after a grueling competition, or prime the engine before another.

The mobility session is meant as something of a physical and mental “reset”. It is 100% light movement and guided mobility work, great for recovery after a big game, or as gentle prep for an upcoming competition.


Suggested only for athletes who have had a full education of both movement and strength training. Athletes should already have relevant “maxes” of necessary lifts and should not be completely “un-trained” (no workouts in previous 2+ months). Your season is NOT the time to try training for the first time without proper education!


Athletes, grades 9-12 who already have a complete fundamental fitness education and wish to train through a competitive athletic season in order to maintain peak performance.


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