School Spotlight: Wisconsin Dells (WI)

Wisconsin Dells
Location:  Wisconsin Dells, WI Wisconsin Dells-Brad Rohling
Who’s using PLT4M?: All athletic teams, the 6 elective weight training classes, and Freshman PE classes. 
Interviewee: Brad Rohling

Q: What is your role at Wisconsin Dells HS? 

Physical Education Teacher and Head Basketball Coach

Q: What do your coaches and teachers like about PLT4M? 

Our coaches like that they can track attendance and the progress of their athletes in the weight room. Our physical education staff likes that we are now able to track strength and fitness data throughout a student’s High School career.

Q: What do your students and athletes like?

The students love the program because it challenges them to perform at a high level. The workouts incorporate a variety of lifts and they enjoy that it is interactive and not just another paper and pencil workout. 

Q: What do you feel has been the biggest achievement with PLT4M?

I have tried numerous strength and conditioning programs throughout my 27 years teaching physical education and coaching basketball and in my opinion PLT4M is by far the best program that is out there.  In the past our school was all over the place when it came to strength and conditioning, but since we implemented PLT4M It has allowed our physical education staff and coaches to come together and get behind one program.  Also, in just one year we had to add a strength and conditioning class every hour of the school day because the class has become so popular with our students and athletes.

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