Making The Transition From Paper to Digital Workouts

Newburgh Academy

Bill Bianco has been coaching football a long time – 17 years to be exact – and he’s been quite successful. In 2000, Bill started as an assistant at Newburgh Free Academy in New York, 70 miles north of Manhattan. 

For the last 8 years he has served as the Goldback’s Head Coach. During his tenure as Head Coach, Newburgh has gone 60-23, won 4 sectional championships, and reached the NY State Championship game twice.

Like many high school football coaches, Bill used the Bigger Faster Stronger workout program for his team’s off-season training. 

“I modified the program over the years, but at its roots, it was based in the BFS model,” explains Bill. Administratively, though, it was a nightmare. “I spent a lot of time updating numbers and printing new sheets every two weeks, but we were seeing results, so I was willing to put in the time.”

As a championship coach, Bill wasn’t willing to rest on his laurels. He knew there were other options out there, and he wanted to see what else he could be doing to better his program year-round. He had heard about PLT4M almost four years ago, just as it was getting off the ground. 

He recalls that he was hesitant to switch out of fear that it might not work out. Not only would he be out the money, but worse, he’d have wasted precious time with his athletes. In the end, the potential benefits outweighed the risk and Bill took the plunge. He hasn’t looked back since.

“You think your way is better, and then you get something more advanced. It was similar to making the transition from DVD’s and VHS tapes to Hudl. It took me some time to make the switch, but once I did, it was like ‘What was I doing before this?’”


Initially, Coach Bianco’s motivation was saving precious time every week by streamlining his administrative and logistic burden. Once onboard, the decision became whether he should use PLT4M’s training programs, or build his BFS workouts into the system. In the end, the choice was clear. 

A screenshot of the PLT4M program on an tablet and computer.

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“I had enough on my plate. From checking grades, sending recruiting film, taking attendance and developing my X’s and O’s, my time was stretched thin. I finally said, ‘These guys are professionals. Why not give it a shot?’”

So far, taking a chance with PLT4M has paid off. Since making the switch, Bill is spending more time working with athletes, and less time doing paperwork. Not only that, but due to the holistic approach of the PLT4M training programs, variety of exercises, and expert instruction, he says that his kids are stronger, healthier, and better prepared than ever before.

A screenshot of the PLT4M app and workout view.



“Everything is on the athletes’ phones. They have personalized weights for core and auxiliary exercises with instructional videos to guide them. They input their results and the system makes the updates and adjusts the workouts each week. It’s seamless – and the kids love it.”

Moving forward, Bill hopes to get approval from the District to utilize PLT4M school-wide. As a Phys Ed teacher, he runs 5 periods a day of “Elite Fitness” with 300 kids coming in and out, and he sees PLT4M as a perfect solution to help manage many student-athletes, each with varying degrees of experience.

Coach Bianco took a chance, and it has paid off.

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