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Strength Training in the Classroom – “Fit 4 Life”
Several years ago, GHS Physical Education classes integrated strength training into the curriculum. But with the addition of PLT4M, students can now follow the regimen that is designed specifically for them and track and measure their progress. Teachers can also access the information which will then provide accurate data for class assessment. The program teaches the basic fitness movements from the ground up, scaling them for every single athlete. Every training session comes with a prescribed warm-up and technique period, supported by in-depth video content, followed by the workout itself. Every single workout is different. Some days students will be completing reps for time, other days circuit training, others as teams in competitive fashion, etc. The program builds, week to week, on understanding of movements and ability to perform while keeping things interesting. If the teacher or student desires, the program will test 5 aspects of fitness before, during, and after the 15-week program. The program establishes basic strength, mobility/flexibility, and conditioning capacity (an-/aerobic/muscular), then targets all of those things through subsequent and progressive workouts. The end-goal of Fit 4 Life is to instill a sense of ownership over one’s fitness.
Strength Training for Athletes
Offseason Workouts – The PLT4M Offseason Program is a holistic approach to building the best possible athlete. The training focuses on: • Building strength – classic strength work is coupled with plyometric movements. Throughout the offseason training, speed, agility, and conditioning progress, which helps ensure that the strength gained can still be exerted with speed and control. • Increasing mobility – Awkward and challenging movements are introduced which forces athletes out of their comfort zones and grows spatial awareness and control of their bodies. • Being less susceptible to injuries – Student athletes work on specific injury prevention exercises. In-Season Workouts – In-Season workouts are much simpler than their off-season counterparts. During a competitive season, an athlete is already consistently working on muscular conditioning and sport-specific mobility through daily practices and games. In order to maximize results, then, a maintenance program will be added of baseline strength, mobility, and injury prevention while keeping overall volume low.  “Our strength training at Glenwood is done in our athletes’ Physical Education classes.  This structure allows kids to be multiple-sport athletes which is better for the athletes and all the athletic programs,” says David Hay, Glenwood Head Football Coach.  “PLT4M allows our teachers and coaches to challenge our student-athletes more consistently and on an individual basis, as well as structure in-season and off-season workouts that meet our athletes needs regardless of the sport. “Athletes get varied workouts and feedback from the system that tracks their progress daily.  This system  gives our athletes all they need to succeed and we are very appreciative of the support from the BCEF, Athletic Boosters and PE Department,” he says.

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