Whether you are looking at long-term distance learning or thinking about getting back into the weight room and class soon, PLT4M is an excellent fit for your high school.

With a variety of programs, instructional videos, and tracking features, PLT4M is your holistic fitness education tool.

Updated Devices


PLT4M has created a Remote Fitness Program that has a variety of body-weight and mobility workout sessions. Each program also offers scaling and modification options should students have access to some equipment.

Each program comes loaded with instructional notes & videos, as well as opportunities to log and track workouts. Check out what a day in the ‘Remote Fitness Program’ looks like!

A Platform Built for High Schools

Getting Creative

Content and Creativity

PLT4M is well aware that these are difficult times and we must stay positive! Check out the different ways our coaches are providing teachers and students creative ways to stay active while at home.




We know you don’t need another complicated software system to try to master. That’s why we consulted with hundreds of coaches and teachers to build a streamlined, easy to use platform that lets you spend less time in the administrative weeds, and more time doing what you love: helping your student athletes get better!

See our schools in action!

How I Improved Our Off-Season

Why championship coach, Bill Bianco, made the switch from BFS to an online weight training system.

From Football to Physical Education: Training Together

How one high school in Nebraska is changing the way it teaches physical education and trains ALL of its students and athletes.

How a Nationally Ranked HS Trains its Athletes

Ever wonder how a nationally-successful athletic program cultivates success? Take a peak inside Loyola Academy’s Strength & Conditioning program.

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