Powering the Future of Physical Education

PLT4M is a K-12 wellness platform built for the next generation of physical literacy

A powerful, classroom-ready wellness platform to help
teachers and instructors:

Establish Physical


Teach Lifelong
Fitness Skills

Student Confidence

Inspire Student

Cellular Signal


A Tech Powered
Teaching Resource

PLT4M streamlines the PE classroom to help teachers spend more time doing what they love.

On-Demand Reports

Seamless curriculum integration

Individual fitness metrics

Easy-to-navigate experience

A Curriculum Designed
for Progression​

PLT4M offers dozens of customizable fitness programs and wellness modules focusing on an inclusive range of PE goals.

Explore by skill, goal, or ability level

See who worked out and for how long

Watch in class or assign for later

Curriculum Progression

Welcome the Future
of PE at Your School

Today’s schools offer a variety of PE and
sports configurations. PLT4M is adaptable
to all of them.

PE Departments

Athletic Departments

Unified PE & Athletics

PLT4M Can Work at Your School.
We'll Show You How​.

Learn how PLT4M can support your school’s teachers, students, and PE Department with a 10-minuted guided tour.