Teaching The Squat

The Squat – arguably the most important foundational movement here at PLT4M. The basis of fitness, performance and a healthy life, squatting is something everyone should master. We spend a lot of time introducing the movement to new athletes and cementing proper mechanics before adding intensity or variation to the equation.


In this video playlist, you will find tutorial videos for everything “Squatting” from the Air Squat to the Back Squat. As you will inevitably be responsible for training athletes with a wide range of experience, we always suggest starting kids with the air squat and working progressively toward the Back Squat. 


At it’s most basic, the squat demands that we continually and consistently adhere to 4 “Points of Performance”. 


To that end, let’s just take a minute to review our 4 points of performance:

1. Entire foot in contact with the ground
2. Lumbar curve maintained
3. Knees tracking toes
4. Hips descending below parallel (hip joint below the knee joint).


Each and every time you or your athletes dive into squatting, make sure all of the above points are at the forefront of your mind. Get intimate with the details. The ability to dial in great technique day in and day out makes a world of difference.

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