Teaching The Deadlift

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One of the most widely programmed movements, the deadlift is an excellent tool for building raw strength as well as reinforcing good posture and midline stability.


Unfortunately, though, it is also a movement done wrong more often than right. It’s an exercise in which strength can trump form – aka it’s too easy to complete a rep with improper technique, which leads to an unnecessary risk of injury (most often related to the lower back).


This does not mean we should avoid the deadlift.


It simply means we must pay extra attention to proper execution, and always keep weight as a secondary priority.


While the deadlift appears to be a relatively simple lift, proper execution often proves far more difficult. 


Here, we identify just a few of the major coaching points that we use when teaching the lift to any of our athletes. We are constantly looking to perfect technique in order to maximize gains, while simultaneously minimizing risk.

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