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"Our goal is to provide students with quality fitness, health, and wellness experiences in PE...with something for every unit we want to cover, PLT4M’s content aligns with our mission to get students moving and active in different ways.”

Jessica Shawley

2012 SHAPE Teacher of Year


"With PLT4M, we can track everything from the FitnessGram to maxes, and speed and agility tests. Students love the instant feedback they get by using the app. It gives them that extra nudge to work harder in class.”

ZaQuan Irby

PE Teacher & Strength Coach

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“It is a huge motivation for the kids to know they have choice and ownership. Students pick things like yoga, HIIT workouts, dance, stretching, and more. Now many of the students who never wanted to be in PE love being in class and doing a workout that they chose. PLT4M has been pivotal in helping us make the transition." 

Jodi Reardon

Pennsylvania PE Teacher of the Year