Train Smarter Not Harder

Whether you are looking to change the training culture at your school or build upon a tradition of excellence, the right technology can make all the difference.

A Platform Built For High Schools



Coordinating training amongst different PE classes and numerous sports can be near impossible. PLT4M’s management hub makes it easier than ever to execute a unified approach amongst all sports and classes.



Boost participation and generate excitement in the weight room. Through PLT4M’s real time data capture, instant feedback loop, and leaderboards, kids will be eager to get their workouts in each day.



It has been said that what gets measured gets improved. PLT4M’s analytics streamline your ability to capture results and measure progress so that kids can visualize their improvement.

Rack View

Turn a phone, tablet, laptop or chrome book into a powerful training tool. Rack View allows up to 5 athletes to access their personalized workouts through a single device.

New Project


Log real time results and let our Workset system automatically update athlete’s training metrics, saving you time and improving their results.

New Project


Running reports has never been easier. Generate end of semester progress summaries or post monthly Attendance records with a click.



Build custom leaderboards to keep your athletes motivated and informed of exactly where they stack up.


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