A Message from Molly Collins

Hello fellow P.E. teachers!

My name is Molly Collins and I am a Phys Ed teacher in Pennfield, MI, and I want to share my experience of incorporating technology into my classroom. 

Seeing the emergence of technology across all subjects, I began thinking about how I could incorporate it into PE.  There is no doubt, figuring out the logistics of running a tech-powered PE class can be challenging. 

Phones and 1:1 devices can be a huge distraction, so I was hesitant to ask my students to use their phones in my classes. Over the years, I’ve landed on some key tips which I incorporate into all of my classes. These tips help eliminate distractions in my classroom, and motivate students to work hard in my class. 

Read about them below, or watch the video!

Tip 1: Promote Social Interaction

When students enter my classroom, I ask them to place all their devices on the device cart for the first 5 minutes of class. This promotes 5 minutes of socialization. A chance to talk to their peers, a chance to talk to me, ask me questions, etc. 


Tip 2: Introduction & Warm Up

This lets the students know what our focus is for that class, as well as warm them up appropriately. This sets the tone for the class.


Tip 3: Device Setup & Rack View

At this point, students can grab their devices and begin their workouts. I place car mounts around the weight room so students’ devices are out of their hands. I find that if a device is not in a student’s hand, they are less likely to become distracted by it. If students forget their device or I notice them getting distracted, I have them team up and use Rack View to access their workouts. 


Tip 4: Identify Instructional Needs

Different students require different instruction. Identifying which students require which type of instruction is key here. I know that my repeat students who are more advanced, as well as my more visual learners, prefer to get their instruction through the PLT4M instructors. For my students that require more 1:1 instruction from me, I’m now available to provide that for them. 


Tip 5: Yoga Fridays

On Fridays, phones stay on the device cart, and I project a yoga or mobility lesson for students to follow along with. I also like to take this opportunity to teach students about recovery. Along with doing a yoga flow in PLT4M, we talk about sleep, stretching, and other recovery methods. Knowing that they have Friday to look forward to as a recovery day, incentivizes them to work harder on Monday-Thursday. My students tell me they look forward to this every week!


Taking these steps has helped me create a classroom environment that promotes hard work and recovery, that eliminates distractions, and that my students look forward to attending!



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