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The Air Squat. Arguably the single most important movement for young students and athletes to learn. Proper squatting is vital to both athletic performance and overall physical health. Teaching such a foundational movement should be simple right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.
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When it comes to progress, effort matters most. Almost any training program will generate some positive results - so long as the kids using it are motivated and engaged.
Want to build more powerful athletes? Most coaches would agree that incorporating lifts like the clean is a good start. The clean is an explosive, athletic movement, utilizing the entire body that can drastically increase power output.
Does your chest drop when you squat? Do your ankles rotate inwards? This ankle mobility stretch is for you.
All too often we run into coaches and athletes hesitant about utilizing hang snatching in their programs. At PLT4M, we believe it is an excellent accessory piece that develops a number of important things.
Many athletes have issues with the front rack position - most notably, being unable to keep your elbows high during heavier reps of the front squat or clean. High elbows means a better shoulder shelf for the bar, as well as a taller, prouder chest.