Athletic and PE Department Collaboration (WEBINAR)

Brad Rohling presents on his school has used PLT4M to unify their athletic department through Physical Education classes. 


  • Brad Rohling Background (0:59)
  • Life Before PLT4M: “Coach by Coach, Unpopular PE Classes” (3:31)
  • Transition to Unity: Admin Support, Planning & PLT4M (5:49)
  • The Plan: Athletic Department Unity & then integrate with PE (9:25)
  • Executing the Plan: School-Wide Unity (12:27)
  • Where Are We Today? (13:56)
  • Student Buy-In – Leaderboards (16:38)
  • Benefits of Athletics & PE Working Together (19:50)
  • Advice for Schools (20:39)
  • Q+A – What devices do you use? What if I want to look at PLT4M? What other equipment would I need? (22:47)
  • Reach Out to Sam Cleveland – PLT4M State Rep (Sam@PLT4M.Com) with any questions (25:49)
Want to see how you can use PLT4M to unify your Athletic and Physical Education departments?
Wisconsin Dells-Brad Rohling
Brad Rohling – Wisconsin Dells High School (WI)