Chalk Talk - Episode 26 - Tony Shiffman - "Being The Head Coach"

With football season wrapping up, we had Coach Tony Shiffman onto the podcast. Coach Shiffman developed his coaching skills as a high school head coach that have now translated to his new role at the college level.

Check out Coach Shiffman on Twitter.

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Skills Of The Head Coach 
  • Introduction To Coach Tony Shiffman (1:00 –   3:30)
  • Organization, Time Management, and Communication (3:30 – 5:15)
  • Communication – Face to Face and Understanding Digital Approaches (5:15 – 8:40)
  • Understanding What Works Best For Communication (8:40 –  12:00)
  • Organization As A Head Coach (12:00 – 13:46)
Part 2: Quick Chat About Off Season Training 
  • Blending Conditioning Into Practice (15:00 – 18:32)
  • What About ‘Conditioning’ In Off Season? (18:32 – 21:20)
  • Game Ready Shape – Conditioning Test (21:20 – 22:20)
  • End Of Season Message – You Have To Want To Get Better (22:20- 25:30)
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