The PLT4M Coaches Club consists of ambassadors across the country who are recognized for their dedication to high school athletics and physical education. The Coaches Club is comprised of Strength Coaches, Sport Coaches, Physical Education Teachers, Athletic Directors, and Athletic Trainers. PLT4M Coaches Club

We’re excited to share their experiences and successes. Stay tuned for podcasts and videos to come! #PLT4MCoachesClub 

Meet Our Coaches!

Physical Education Teachers

  • Justin Contois @JustinContois (VA)
  • Rusty Fuller @rfullerfootball (NE)
  • Brad Rohling (WI)
  • Molly Collins @phscollins (MI)

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

  • Emily Plucker @motherpluckr (SD)
  • Malach Radigan (MO)
  • Jeff Lindeman (IL)

Football Coaches:

  • Larry Cox @CoachLarryCox (OH),
  • Matt Finn @matthewfinn14 (IA)
  • Jeff Drake (NJ)

Athletic Directors:

  • Devin Wendel (VT)
  • Billy Hewig (MO)

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