PLT4M’s programs take into consideration  both the typical space and equipment of a high school weight room.


Our programs keep it simple and effective so all you need are barbells and dumbells. Using our equipment log, you can let us know if you have anything else to help tailor the training programs.

Looking for suggestions on other things PLT4M would suggest? Talk to someone at PLT4M, as we are always happy to make suggestions, but in short: Keep on, keeping it simple! Go to your local department store and get PVC pipes for “training bars”, and get some affordable bands to work on mobility and help scale certain movements.


So you have barbells and dumbells, but you are in the janitor’s closet? PLT4M’s Performance Team makes sure to keep a successful flow of the weight room in mind and makes sure that we avoid a log jam at any time. We keep our programs moving from different core to auxiliary movements so that everyone can keep moving, and not standing around waiting for one piece of equipment or spot to get work done. Its a workout not a cafeteria line and PLT4M wants to keep people moving.