With our mobile app, students can track and log their results in a number of different ways. In many ways we view what is traditionally labeled a “max” as a baseline number that helps us personalize workouts and percentages, and challenge the students week after week.


Based on the number of reps students can complete on their  worksets, the “max” will either increase by 5 pounds, increase by 5 pounds, or stay the same for another week. Worksets will give students feedback, motivate continued hard work, and update future workouts to reflect and adapt to their weekly progress.

Max Testing

Coaches can always schedule max testing with PLT4M. Many schools that partner with PLT4M still love to max test and we give you the tools to do so. Always keeping safety, form and proper technique in mind athlete can complete a 1, 3 or 5 rep max and log their test results in the PLT4M app.