With PLT4M, Coaches and Teachers have three great options to choose from:

PLT4M Programs

PLT4M’s Performance Team has developed a range of programs that you can have your students athletes follow as is!

Editing Programs

If you love the programs that we have provided for you, but want to change an accessory workout, add another movement, or just switch things up, then do it! You have the ability to go into any program, and edit or adjust the workouts as you please.

Create your own

Tap into our workout builder and create the program you have established from years of experience or hands on practice!  With our workout builder you can copy and edit, so it is easy set up once you have your framework ready to go.

All three options are available to any coach or teacher that partners with PLT4M, and our team of dedicated customer success reps will help you find the option that suits you and your school or group best.