PLT4M workouts are meant to fit within your class and before/after school time frames. Our main goal is that students are lifting efficiently, effectively and most importantly, safely. While we do want to move with a purpose, students are never meant to compromise form or technique in the effort to “rush”.

With all of our programs, we have a more details page that tells you everything you need to know about the schedule and program to find out the fit and flow for your time with students. And we always encourage you check in with our Performance and Customer Success Team to talk logistics!

30 to 45 Minutes

By the time students are changed and ready to go, you have a short window before you have to get them back out of the gym so they can get on to their next class. Our programs can help you be efficient and maximize your time. Students are encouraged to watch the instructional videos before they come to class so they are prepared and ready to go!

45 to 60 Minutes 

While in many cases, this can still feel like a tight time window, use it wisely! Some coaches will break down core movements and put videos up on a monitor and talk over the performance points as a group.

If you are using some of our more advanced programs, students will have to work hard and stay focused to get workouts completed. It is not long before the weight room becomes a well operated machine.